Automatic Pet Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder, 2.4G WiFi Enabled Smart Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Food Bowl for Dry Food


Flexible Scheduling

No more waking up to your pet crying for food . No matter what time of day or night , you only have to set the exact time and amount of food your pet needs which will help the pet develop a good eating habit. A 4L or 6L Cup Storage capacity ensures refilling doesn’t become an extra chore. 

Wide-angle Slope Food Bowl

Comfortable feeding, without blocking the grain outlet, can provide a comfortable feeding experience. Detachable design convenient to take apart and easy to clean.

Dual Power Supply

Worried about sudden power outages? ​The Automatic Feeder use the 5V DC adapter while also can run by only installing 3 D-cell batteries (not included). You can rest easy even in the most concerning of times ensure that your pet gets food consistently.

Record Your Voice

Stay connected with your pet by recording your 10 sec special message, we want to help you keep their meal time just as special and loving. Let your little loved one feel your presence even when you are away by keeping it fed regularly and feel safe & well cared

Easy to Use & Maintain 

An easy to use bright LCD display shows you all the information you need with quick glance. No complicated menus and setups, control the Automatic Feeder with ease using big and clearly marked buttons. 

Keeps Food Fresh

Built to contain a desiccant bag (includes one) to help food maintain maximum freshness. Our unique storage solution reduces moisture built up from the air, letting your pets taste the food as if it’s straight from a newly opened bag.  



2 Versions available: Button version, WiFi version

Food Tank Capacity: 4 liters(135oz)/ 6 liters(203oz)

Product Size:4L: approx.19x19x30 cm / 7.48x7.48x11.81 in
6L: approx.19x19x35 cm / 7.48x7.48x13.78 in

Net Weight: 4L: 2.15 kg / 4.74 lbs
6L: 2.25 kg / 4.96 lbs

Material: Food-grade ABS

Screen: LCD screen

Power: DC 5V power adapter; 3 x alkaline D batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Power Adapter: AC 110-240V input, DC 5V output

Working Current: Avg.80mA

Operating Temperature: -30℃-50℃ / -22℉- 122℉

External Socket: 3.5mm power socket

Please Note:

1. Please use the original 5V power supply.

2. Please remove the batteries if not in use for a long time.

3. Suitable for cats and small to medium dogs.

4. Suitable for dry food only; 2-12mm / 0.08-0.47 inches in diameter.

WiFi Version:

1. Download mobile operation APP;

2. Set the number and time of regular grain output every day;

3. Recording a meal call;

4. Super easy and simple and your pet is fed when needed.


Button Version:

1. Wake up the device;

2. Setting the time;

3. Setting the meals per day;

4. Setting the time & portion of meals;

5. Recording a meal call;

6. Super easy and simple and your pet is fed when needed.


Question: Can I use it more than a day? If I'm gone more than a day?

Answer: Yes. Its made to be programmed to automatically dispense the food at the programed times you pick. This stays until you change it or power it off. So everyday it will dispense at the same times it’s programmed for. However, if you leave more than a day, I would suggest putting in batteries in case a sudden power outage…

Question: Can cat shake to get more food out?

Answer: That's a great question, the dispenser used in our product is fully enclosed, which can effectively avoid the problem of shaking and falling food. Hope this can help you.

Question: Manual dispense button doesn’t seem to work? Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Answer: You have to use the unlock button to access the other buttons. Hold the unlock button until the image of the lock opens, then try it!

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