Garden tool set for women Garden Tools Set, 10 Pieces Gardening Tools with Purple Floral Print


High quality environmentally friendly plastic material, ergonomic rubber handles, lightweight and durable, makes gardening easier and more enjoyable.
Printed floral pattern, pretty and unique, suitable for women and kids, perfect gift for gardening lovers, great for training children's ability to work.
Suitable for planting flowers, vegetables, transplanting seedlings, loose soil, weeding etc.
Comes with a storage case, easy to carry anywhere.

Package includes: Three Tine Rake, Big Round Shovel, Big Sharp Shovel, Pruning Shears, Spray Bottle, Storage Case and more, one case meets all your needs.


Material: Plastic and Stainless Steel
1.Big Round Shovel: 9.8inch
2.Big Sharp Shovel: 9.8inch → Perfect for digging, and transplanting jobs with non-slip grip.
3.Three Tine Rake: 8.86*3.35inch → Perfect for loosening, aerating, and mixing soil with fertilizer with non-slip grip.
4.Hedge Shears: 12.4inch → Long and sharp blade. Perfect for cutting grass and weeds with safe lock-in design.
5.Pruning Shears: 6.69inch → Trimming and cutting branches.
6.Small Round Shovel: 7.48inch
7.Small Sharp Shovel: 7.68inch
8.Small Rake: 6.5inch → These 3 mini garden tool are perfect substitute in transplanting small plants(succulent, bonsai plants, flowers). Have fun with and help children with gardening education.
9.Weeding Knife: 8.27*2.76inch → Sharp blade with rubber-covered handle. Just remove dull part of it to keep sharp.
10.Spray Bottle: 6.69inch → The water bottle is good in hand and convenient to water.

Color: Purple

Package Included:
1x Three Tine Rake
1x Big Round Shovel
1x Big Sharp Shovel
1x Weeding Cutter
1x Small Round Shovel
1x Small Sharp Shovel
1x Small Rake
1x Pruning Shears
1x Spray Bottle
1x Hedge Shears 
1x Storage Case

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