Double Pull Resistance Wheel Roller Tofreedomwind Abdominal Multifunctional Exercise Equipment Ab

  • The intensity needs more fitness and body shaping requirements. We have increased the hose's thickness, which can increase the exercise time longer than other products.
  • The Stretchy ab roller is mainly aimed at better fat reduction and body shaping. Frequent exchangeable exercise modes can better shape the perfect figure, and the shaping effect on the shoulders, chest, and legs is more obvious.
  • Bottom notch adjustment: The five notches on the bottom can adjust the length of the tube. Please make corresponding adjustments according to your height. Please do not adjust the resistance rope beyond the third button. 
  • Details of hose strength grade: At the first notch, the tube is 60cm, and the maximum extension length is 150cm. The tube is 50 cm long at the second notch and has a maximum extension of 125 cm. At the third notch, the tube is 40 cm long and has a maximum extension length of 100 cm.


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