0-48M Ergonomic Baby Carrier Baby Carrier Ergonomic Baby Front Back Carrier


This baby carrier has an enlarged arc stool to better support the baby's thighs, the design that allows the knees to be higher than the buttocks when your baby sits, is more ergonomic.

Offers an innovation in baby carrying fashion and quality for girls and boys! This Soft Structured Baby Carrier is not only versatile with different carry positions, but perfectly comfortable for both you and your little one.

That twined with unmatched durability makes Baby Carriers a popular choice in ergonomic baby carriers!

This Baby carrier has 9 different ways to wear, depending on different periods of growth, And that gives you more choices to wear the baby carrier in a way that best fits you and your baby.

You can use straps and stools separately. At the same time, the transport weight can reach 44 lbs.

The Baby Carrier can not only provide different methods of use, it can also liberate parents' hands and do their own things, and also help mothers to recover after childbirth, and provide post-natal insurance for babies and mothers to prevent accidents.

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