1200W Mini Electric Popcorn Maker


Quick and easy snack-If you like the taste and taste of fresh popcorn, but don't want to be bothered, then this quick and easy popcorn machine is the coolest idea for you and the whole family. Just take a measurement and add popcorn kernels to the heating chamber, and then press the "one-touch" start button to prepare theater-style fresh popcorn in less than 2 minutes. play that movie.

Fresh and healthy-no need for excess saturated fat-hot air, this is all you need to Fried homemade popcorn! Low-fat and delicious, all natural, no salt or artificial flavors. Of course, if you want to eat more delicious snacks, you can add some butter or salt and seasonings after the corn pops. The measuring spoon is twice that of the melting spoon, so you can even melt the butter with the heat of the extrude while using the extrude!

Compact design-The design of this popcorn machine is perfect for any kitchen, dormitory or even office! It is small and portable, so you can take it with you even on the go.


Easy to clean-Since it will Fried up in the hot air, it is very easy to clean. Just wipe the popcorn machine with a damp cloth and wipe it dry. It's so simple and fun, kids will be excited over and over again.

1. Non-stick Pan Liner, Easier To Clean. The Heat Eddy Guide Is Evenly Heated.

2. One-click Production, Delicious And Not Waiting

3. Food-grade Pp Protective Cover To Protect Children From Being Hit By Popcorn.

4. Specially Designed Corn Spoon, Add Corn Kernels In Moderation

5. Rubber Non-slip Bottom, More Friction, More Stable Use.

Product Specifications:

Rated Voltage: 110v/220v

Rated Power: 1200w

Color: Red

Size: 11.5*12*16cm

Frequency: 50hz

Package :

1x Popcorn Machine

1x Power Cord

1x Manual

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