20,000 mAh Solar Charger w/ Fire Starter and Twin Flashlight Solar Power Bank,Portable Solar Charger, Backup Battery Pack


If you’re looking for the power bank that has a huge capacity, rugged durability, and extra features to help you in a pinch, good news -- you just found it.

This unit comes with powerful twin lights to illuminate even the darkest night, while an attached lighter operates like a car lighter to give you a spark when you need it most. And of course, the huge 20,000 mAh power reserve means that you’ll have charging ability to spare even in the most remote environment.

A Power Bank Made For The Wilderness

Between the heavy-duty casing, multiple charging ports, and gigantic 20,000 mAh capacity, this is a power bank that was designed from day 1 to be your go-to option for keeping devices charged. Advanced solar charging functionality means that you’ll never lose power, which is so important... whether you spend time in the backcountry, or a car camping site.

Multiple Charges On One Device

Whether you’re using USB or Micro-USB connections, this power bank can charge an iPhone X more than 6 times before needing to absorb more sunlight. Even an iPad Mini can get multiple charges off of this incredible unit, which is small enough to fit in a pocket.


  • Compatible with any USB-powered device
  • Strong 20,000 mAh Li-polymer battery
  • Dual charging ports
  • Built In Lighter and Flashlight 
  • Heavy Duty Leather Finish

Package Includes:

1x 20,000 mAh Solar Charger w/ Fire Starter and Twin Flashlight
1x charging cable
1x user manual

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