20PCS Magic Hair Curlers Curls Styling Kit, DIY No Heat Hair Curlers for Extra Long Hair up to 22" (55 cm)

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Always committed to providing a high-quality customer experience. This magic curler is made of plastic and has elasticity and durability. Even beginners are easy to use and naturally curl their hair effortlessly. It's perfect for people who want beautiful curly hair but don't want to mess it up.

There is no hot hair styler:

The curler is an excellent alternative to the curler, which can create beautiful magic curls without damaging the hair. Suitable for all ages, from thin straight hair to thick curly hair, wigs and woven hair of all types.


The soft roll roller is made of PET fabric, which is durable and elastic, without heat, and protects hair from thermal damage, forks and dry hair.

Easy to use:

If you are not familiar with this type of curlers, there will be some learning curves, but once you have mastered them, it will take almost no time to insert them. You can also wear them when you sleep and wake up with strange waves.


Our curlers can be reused. An excellent DIY tool that can help you create hairstyles. These rods are soft and light enough to sleep comfortably.


1. Shampoo and dry hair and towels.
2. Assemble a magic wand.
3. Insert the wand into the slits at both ends of the curlers.
4. Hook a handful of hair.
5. Pull out and put the hair into the curler.
6. Blow-dry your hair.
7. 8-20 minutes.
8. enjoy beautiful curly hair!


  • Magic helix These curlers fall asleep in your hair, and when you wake up, you will have mythical curls.
  • A hard stick Assemble these three parts and you will get a 55 cm / 22 inch magic wand. It is stable and not easy to break.
  • No heat Our curlers are not heated and will not cause harm to your hair, which is safe for your child.


The effect of curling depends on the curling time, the quality of the user's own hair and the amount of curly hair used. The less hair per curler, the better the effect.

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