Ghost In The Mirror Wall Plaque Gothic 3D Frame Poster

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Ghost In The Mirror Wall Plaque Gothic 3D Frame Poster


Ghosts in the mirror: ghost sculptures emerging from antique resin mirrors. Very suitable for the gallery wall in the entrance hall. The Glow in the Dark 3D Ghost Mirror Sculpture is made of hand-painted translucent resin with an antique frame.

Light sculpture: both sculptures can glow in the dark. When the light is turned off another dimension is added and the resin cast image emerges from the antique mirror, as if floating from the dark world in our space.

Ghost Sculpture Size: Handmade mirror ghost sculpture. It is the perfect addition to all haunted houses, spooky old houses, old mansions, houses, neo-Gothic houses and Second Empire houses.

Terrorist Spirit: There are two types of people in this world. Some people like the idea of ghosts, the feeling of being scared and watching horror movies, and some people are afraid of something scary. Well, now someone is creating these super scary mirror sculptures, which were made for the first group of people.

Multi-use: Very suitable for ghost props or original Halloween party decorations, movie / movie backgrounds or theater work. And many other places that want to create a scary atmosphere.


Material: Resin

Size: 16 * 12.3 * 10CM

Weight: about 500g


Package includes:

a Male ornament OR a Female ornament

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