Anti-Smoking Quit Addiction Filters Disposable Cigarette Filters,Anti-Smoking Quit Addiction Filters,Cigarettes Tar Filter

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Anti-Smoking Quit Addiction Filters


Reduce the tar content in cigarettes by up to 90% without changing the taste of your cigarette!

By physical filtering, it is 100% safe with no side effects on human health.

Protect your lungs from most of the tar without taking away your pleasure of smoking. Act now!

Reduces coughing & shortness of breath/Relieves sore throat/Minimizes stains on teeth and fingers

100Pcs Disposable Anti-Smoking Quit Addiction Filters



Material: Resin

Packing: Canned

Size: single length 30mm, diameter 10mm

Type: one time

Weight: 130g


Package included:

filter cigarette holder *100


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