Bouncing Ball

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Bouncing Ball Games Make Bouncing Twice as Much Fun!

  • Introducing Bounce Party Games, the ultimate head to head competitive game for youngsters and families alike still!
  • Simply drop the bouncing balls into the box and line them up as best you can - whoever gets 4 balls in a line first will win! 
  • Everyone can bounce together or play in relays! Combine more plates into one big board for a classic bouncing game!


  • Race to see who can connect the four balls in a line by bouncing them into the grid! The first color to complete the pattern wins.
  • The first to complete a line of four balls will win!
  • Compete with up to 4 other players!
  • Two ways to play means everyone can bounce together or play in relays!


  • If you play with two two-player teams, each team has four balls.
  • If you play with just two people, each person gets eight balls.
  • You can then take turns bouncing the balls into the grid, or you can bounce them all at once.
  • If your ball creates the pattern first, you win the game.

Win the game and declare yourself the master of the universe. And don't forget the trash talk!
Get yours now!!!

  • Size: 32*29.5*6cm
  • Package content: 1 set of Bouncing Ball games

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