Powerful Sensor Headlight

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You no longer have to sacrifice safety while working at night!

We live in a world where no light source at night means reduced working hours. When the sun goes down, it becomes more difficult to enjoy outdoor time. Our favorite activities become more dangerous in the dark. All these problems can be easily solved by suitable portable light sources.

You can be sure that there are many discounts on the market, but our headlights use unique induction wave technology. Equipped with the latest smart sensors, you can easily control the lights with just a wave of your hand, allowing your mind to do other things freely.

The best light source for indoor and outdoor markets!

The patented side wave sensor and one-button buckle make outdoor work easy. The wide beam provides a 230-degree field of view and illuminates the surrounding environment like other headlights. It has a light output of 350 lumens (40 high-efficiency LED bulbs). The beam distance of the side lights is 100 meters. The combination of these features illuminates the front of the user and the environment to ensure safety and avoid accidents.

The headband is made of soft, breathable silicone, which is comfortable to wear. The headband is suitable for many different sizes and is fully adjustable. Always ensure a comfortable fit with our sensor headlights

🚴 Hands-free technology: Quickly switch modes by waving your hand in front of the side sensor sensor. No need to look for buttons to operate the headlights.

🚴Comfort: Our sensor headlights are made of soft and breathable silicone with adjustable shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort during outdoor activities.

🚴Multifunctional: LED headlights can meet various lighting needs. It has 5 lighting modes: high side focus, low side focus, high wide focus, low wide focus and strobe mode.

🚴 Earthquake resistance and weather resistance: strong enough to withstand accidental drops and temporary immersion in water. It is very suitable for roadside maintenance, dog walking, night running, biking, camping, fishing, hiking, caving, mountain climbing, etc.

A practical addition to any family or emergency kit!

Always keep them handy when doing home repairs and power outages, when cooking outdoors, when the sun is down, and when working in a car in low light conditions. If we have hands, these activities or emergencies will be much easier. Make daily activities easier and more comfortable.

Material: high quality ABS, silicone
Colour: Black
Size: 5.5x3.5x10cm

What is included?
1 × Burble™-powerful sensor headlight
1 × USB Type-C charger

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