Burger Hamburger Press, Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Hamburger Press Patty Maker, Burger Meat Beef Pie Press Tool


Every burger lover knows a good patty is the key to creating the best burger. Condiments are important, and buns are very important. But without a doubt, the patty is the make or break of the dish. As with most things based on personal preference, the only way to get the patty exactly the way you like it is to make it yourself. That’s where the best burger press comes in.

Durable with its cast aluminum material! It is also non-stick, which prevents any potential mold or tear accumulation. You can make any patty mixture, from veggie burger to meat, and it will compact the way you expect it to be. Moreover, with its strength, the product is ensured to last you a long time.

Pops up patties for easy removal! With its spring plunger, each mixture does not stick in its base and can be retrieved easily by each press. Perfect for large gatherings or celebrations, as you can handle the pressure enough to make more burgers that you need.


  • Make stuffed burgers like a professional
  • So easy making process: 1.shape it 2.fill it 3.seal it
  • A deep cup to hold your stuffing, leak-proof
  • Can be used for hamburger, meat pie and rice cake
  • This product has high quality and good safety, product surface is with non-stick coating
  • It's easy to cleaning and take out the stuffing
  • It's a perfect partner for DIY hamburger by yourself
  • Easily and convenient operation
  • 100% brand new and high quality

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