Car Air Purifier 3in1 Premium Stainless Steel Air Filter Ionizer w/Dual USB Quick Charge 3.0 USB-Eliminate Allergens Odor


Increase the air circulation and purify the air in your car. Clear out the odor and never worry about your car smelling again.

This car air purifier will help improve the quality of the air inside your car by removing particles such as pollen, dust and dirt.

This Ionic Air Purifier can release up to 5.6 million negative ions per cm3, which can immediately remove bad order and smell from the car. These high-density negative ions also attach dust, pollen, and smoke to increase air quality and reduce the odor and smell.

Unlike other air purifiers, our air purifier doesn’t require filters. It destroys odor-causing particles and improves air quality instead of masking odors like ordinary perfumed air fresheners. Also our air purifier is 100% natural and non-toxic for a safer and healthier solution.

The air purifier emits a light scent of ozone that smells similar to a summer rain shower. The negative ion that releases can neutralize the odor. The ozone is most effective in purifying when used over a period of time.

Dual 2.1 A USB ports are provided for powerful and rapid charging for any mobile phone, tablet, and other devices. A perfect car accessory to keep the car cabin fresh as well as lighting fast charging for a long car ride.

Specifications :

Dimensions: 35×35×105mm (1.38x1.38x4.13 inches).

Input : 12V/ DC.

Output : 5V/2.1A.

Power consumption: 0.8W.

Net weight: 40g (0.08 lbs).

All matte stainless steel design with crystal-shaped blue LED not only adds a modern fashionable look to your car interior but it also helps the user to locate the air purifier and the USB ports in the dark. The unit is a silent ionizer with minimal sound.

Fits all cars, simply plug into a standard cigarette lighter outlet. Compact and attractive design with blue LED light shows when it's actively cleaning.

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