Circuit Breaker Finder : Circuit And Socket Tester , Plug Outlet Finder






The SKINMOZ Mastech circuit breaker tester is a preferred solution for the latest in code requirements. Identify circuit breakers fast and efficiently. Quick and easy to use and extremely accurate readings. Always find the right breaker!







The circuit breaker works on powered systems Working voltage AC110V / 220V , suitable for house, office, residential and light commercial environments.





The Testers Green Led Lamp will Light up automatically to Indicate low voltage existence; the yellow to indicate moderate voltage; the red to indicate high voltage, ensuring your safety, helping you work in dark environments.






The tester indicates the presence of a circuit breaker with a buzzer and an indicator light. The tester includes a transmitter, which is plugged into an electrical outlet, and a receiver, which is powered by a 9V battery ( isn't included duo the our fast delivery company rules) . Automatic sensitivity adjustment and automatic polarity selection remove ambiguity about readings.

Note:  When the yellow LED is on, please replace the battery in time .



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