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Car cleaning gel is the ideal choice for your car or home. Car interior cleaning glue is easy to use, reusable, easy to remove dust and fines!


  • [Perfect Car Cleaner] Car dust removal gel is very suitable for cleaning the corners and crevices of cars or trucks. It can easily enter the small gaps of car vents, operation panels, storage boxes, cup holders, door handles, etc. to remove dust
  • [Easy to Use] Just push the car cleaning gel into any small cracks, and then slowly pull out the car cleaning gel, the dust will be removed by the car cleaning tape.
  • [Reusable] The car cleaning gel can be used multiple times until the color of the jelly cleaner of the car cleaning gel becomes darker. After cleaning, just put the cleaning gel back into the jar and put the car cleaner in a cool place
  • [High-tech Materials] Car cleaning gel is made of high-tech cleaning materials. It is used as a cleaning glue for car dust but not sticky to hands. Car cleaning glue can remove all dust and debris without leaving any residue
  • [Multipurpose] Glue remover is suitable for most equipment and surfaces except carpets


  • Material: Disinfectant+Preservative+Boric Acid
  • Color: Blue / Yellow / Green
  • Size: 7.64 x 2.8 x 2.72 inches


  • 1 x Cleaning Gel for Car

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