Cooling Dog Toy Summer Pet Chew kong

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Do you want to make a fun and super summer for your dog ? Does this chew will have fun for my dog ? can this Cooling chew Toy be frozen in the refrigerator ? Wanna help your pups get their chewing fix also keep them cool at the same time !? 

This cooling toy need to put water on the pet cooling teething toy and pop it in the freezer for 1-2 hours, and let your dog or puppy stay cool while playing with this frozen chew toy, its aim is keeping your pup cool while chewing on it

With this dog chew toy You can put small treats in it so your pup can enjoy a game of seeking while playing with this chew toy. It is perfect for training and playing with your puppy. It will not only help your pups get their chewing fix but will also keep them cool at the same time!

This good dog toy will be a hit with pet owners. It can also be split into two sections so that your pets don't have to fight over it.


They'll appear like they're enjoying an ice pop in summer with this new chew toy in their teeth!

It's made to encourage your dog's natural chewing instinct while also brushing their teeth and keeping them cool on hot days.


  • Toy Accessories TPR material Made of high quality TPR material,
  • it is flexible,
  • with the characteristics of high elasticity,
  • high strength, high resilience, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe,
  • flexible touch, high temperature resistance,
  • chewing resistance, dog's teeth harmless.
  • Unique design Mimicking the look of a dog's favorite food,
  • this chewing supply is designed to effectively attract the attention of a dog,

 Package Includes : 

1* Chew Cooling Toy. 

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