Portable Ice Ball Maker Machine Silicone ice molds,including Large Ice Cube Trays, Ice Ball Maker and Round Ice Cube Mold

There are many sphere ice molds on the market for sure. However, none of them is a "crystal clear ice balls maker". Our "ice ball maker" lets you create perfectly round, crystal clear ice spheres every single time. Fill the mold up with water, freeze for a few hours and enjoy a cold, crisp, refreshing drink. The "Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker" gives you a new classy and sophisticated way to serve up your favorite bourbon, cocktail, or any drink you like. It will make you create striking drink presentations at parties and events. Impress the attendances and cement yourself as a master host or hostess in the eyes of friends and guests. Our [ice maker] will keep your drink at the right sipping temperature without diluting it.

Cavity Silicone Mold

  • Our [Ice Maker Machine] lets you create 2 perfectly 2.4 inch round, crystal clear ice spheres every single time. The dimension of this ice ball maker is 7-inch length × 7-inch height × 4.5-inch width.
  • Fill the mold up with warm water, freeze for a few hours and enjoy a new twist on cold, crisp refreshment. Kick things up a notch above regular ice cubes with this spherical mold choice. Host parties and impress friends and guests with a classy and sophisticated take on a cocktail or whiskey glass ice.

Clear Ice Ball Sphere and Whiskey Tray Mold Maker for Whiskey

Silicone mold inserts and an insulated immersion reservoir, specially designed to minimize gas particles in the ice, resulting in crystal-clear balls of ice perfection every time.
The "Iceball maker" is made from durable & flexible silicone that is also tasteless, chemical-free, and BPA-free. Using a Non-Toxic silicone, the "portable Nugget Ice Maker" ice mold is safe and the used non-stick material makes it easy to pop your ice balls out with no effort once they are finished freezing.
Ice is a key component in any professional cocktail. Clear, slow-melting ice balls make your cocktail taste and look better. Perfect for standard rocks glasses. Makes large, perfectly round ice balls 2 inches in diameter which can retain their temperature longer. Great for whiskey and other on-the-rocks cocktails.


You can enjoy making two large 2.34" crystal clear ice balls at the same time. Use our FREE TONGS included, to transfer ice cleanly into your drink or a guest's drink. The flexible silicone makes it extremely easy to remove your ice balls from the ice sphere mold.

Multiple Shapes Available

Ball, Skull, Cube, heart, and Diamond.
You will find what you are really searching for!!!


  • Material: SILICONE
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Type: Ice Maker Tool

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