Bug Zapper, USB Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter Lamp & Racket, Pest Insects Control Flying Bugs Trap Mosquito Killer


In a world where people often disagree about a great many things, there’s one thing we can all agree on, Nobody likes flies and mosquitoes, and of course the burning, itching bites they give you!

Get rid of insects troubles immediately with This Electric Fly Swatter that's going to help you catch & kill a variety of flying insects for safe, Dependable Indoor & Outdoor relief.

This Bug Zapper Racket automatically zap any mosquitoes or insects that contact with its grid in Auto Mode, so you can keep it plugged to be an electric bug zapper. 

3 Layer safety mesh won't leak electricity and will protect your kids and pets from electric shock when accidentally touch.

This Electric Fly Swatter has two kinds of indicator lights, One is work indicator, the other is battery indicator, you can clearly know how much the remaining power is and charge it in time.

LED light built into the bug zapper racket allows for night use. Just put it on the base and turn blue light on when sleeping, Mosquitoes will be lured by the blue light to it and be killed !

Our Bug Zapper Racket provides peace of mind and reliable results. It's portable, comfort and easy to control with the help of ergonomic and lightweight design. It is also easy to clean after use.

Product Size :

Style A : 44 x 19cm / 17.32 x 7.44in (including base).
Style B : 54 x 22cm / 21.26 x 8.66in (including base).

Package included :

1 x Electric Mosquito Swatter.
1 x USB Cable.
1 x Base.

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