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A penny saved is a penny earned. Help your child develop a habit of saving with the Electronic Piggy Bank.


The Electronic Piggy Bank is a portable storage device designed to keep your child’s personal belongings both secure and easy to access. It’s both a safe and a piggy bank: separate built-in slots can be used to insert coins and paper bills, and the door can be opened with a passcode. The device is battery powered.

Everyone needs a place to "stash cash", so we've created a modern piggy bank .

  • - Material: Natural Resin
  • - Size: 185 X 129 X 120mm/7.28 X 5.08 X 4.72"
  • - Officially Licensed

  • Check out our best Piggy Bank made from Natural Resin , Perfect for money, candy or any other creative option you can think of.  Great idea for early savers, graduations, and business gifts.
  • How To Put Money In Piggy Bank


    With its compact size, Electronic Piggy Bank is easy to carry or store for adults and children. Its design is both functional and aesthetic, with a keypad, rotating circular door handle, sleek exterior. Motion sensing lights that activate when something is inserted in the front slot, making it a fun and rewarding experience.

    How To Open Money Safe Piggy Bank


    Personal Passcode: Kids can come up with a personalized 4 digit passcode to lock their bills and coins safely in the Electronic Piggy Bank. The default safe passcode is 0000.

    Easy Lock Mechanism: The Electronic Piggy Bank comes with an easy lock handle that kids can use to lock the safe door in place to keep their money inside.

    Banknote Mouth: The slim banknote mouth is wide enough to fit a variety of dollar bills, coins, and other currencies that kids decide to keep in their piggy bank.

    Money Counter: Interactive money counter display helps show kids how much they have saved up towards $1000, $2000, $5000, and even $10,000!

    How To Open A Stainless Steel Piggy Bank


    Suitable For All Ages: The Electronic Piggy Bank is a great toy for kids of all ages to learn about how to save money!

    Easy To Use: The simplicity of the Electronic Piggy Bank makes it easy for kids to use. With a simple design and 4 digit passcode, kids will enjoy keeping their money locked in the piggy bank safe.

    Educational Purpose: The Electronic Piggy Bank helps educate kids on how to save money by storing it inside the piggy bank. Helps teach kids to save money that they can put towards an item they want to buy.

    How To Collect Money In Piggy Bank


    How To Use:

    1. To install the batteries, open the latch at the back of the safe by using a screwdriver to loosen the screws in the battery compartment cover. Insert three AA/ LR6 batteries into the compartment, lining up the (+) and (-) symbols. When finished, put the cover back into place and tighten the screws.
    2. The factory default passcode is 0000. To set a new passcode, first enter the default passcode and open the door. Hold the * button until the green and red lights start flashing. Within fifteen seconds, enter a new 4-digit passcode and press #. The lights should stop flashing.
    3. Enter the 4-digit passcode to open the safe. If the code is correct, the green light should turn on. If the code is incorrect, the red light should turn on, followed by the voice-recorded message: “PLEASE TRY AGAIN”.
    4. Rotate the door handle CLOCKWISE and pull the door open. The green light should turn on and remain lit for 10 seconds, accompanied by a creaking noise. After ten seconds have elapsed, the green light will turn off and beeps will sound every 20 seconds until the door is closed. Shutting the door locks the safe.

    How Much Money Does A Piggy Bank Hold


    • Material: Natural Resin
    • Size: 185 X 129 X 120mm/7.28 X 5.08 X 4.72"
    • Battery: 3 X AA Batteries (Not Included)

    How To Save Money Fast In Piggy Bank

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