Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse

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Turn an Ordinary 5-gallon Bucket into the Best Trap on the Market.you No Longer Need to Deal with Once-used Traps, Which Are Usually Ineffective and Unsanitary.with Our New Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse, You Only Need to Clip It into a Standard-sized 5-gallon Bucket to Allow Captured Mice and Mice to Flourish.

Special Design

The Trap is Designed for Capture and Release, but It is Also Optional to Fill the Bucket with Water to Make the Trap Lethal.(5 Gallon Bucket is Not Included).

Latest Upgrade

Automatically Resets and Maintains 30 Mice and 10 + Medium Rats; Unlike Conventional Traps That Capture Only 1 or 2, There is No Need to Clean Up Any Mess Thereafter.

Cleaner Than Before

No Longer Need to Use Glue or Traps to Discard Dirty Mice, Which Can Be Infected with Deadly Diseases.now, All You Have to Do is Release / Dispose of the Mouse Without Having to Get Close to the Chaos.

Easy to Use

All You Have to Do is Snap It on to a Standard Sized 5-gallon Bucket and Boom Your Catching Mice and Rats.no More Dealing with 1 Time Use Traps That Are Often Ineffective and Unsanitary.

Family Friendly

Stop Purchasing Traditional Mouse Traps Which Can Harm Your Family Pet or Even Worse... Your Children. Our Mouse Trap is 100% Safe.

Why buy Flip N Slide? on conventional traps.

  • It turns out that the capture rate is higher.In the quantitative test, we set five different traps in the barn infected by mice / mice.We use the same bait for each bait and set them continuously to get accurate results.The test concluded that, Flip N Slide beat other "Multi Catch" traps nearly four times faster.
  • Automatically reset and hold 30 mice and more than 10 medium-sized rats, unlike conventional traps that capture only 1 or 2.
  • The mess must be cleaned up afterwards; just release or dump your friendly intruder outside (preferably away from your house).
  • Reusable: Flip N Slide is not a disposable product.You can reuse our trap without throwing it away.

What's included  

  • Flip N Slide Bucket Lid
  • Flip N Slide Counter Weighted Plank
  • 2 Piece Ramp
  • Instructional Guide

NOTE: 5 Gallon Bucket is NOT included

Pick up a 5-Gal Bucket for as low as $2.96 at your local (Home Depot, Lowes, ace hardware or even Walmart)

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