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Full Head Electric Scalp Massage Helmet

Stress, lack of sleep, shoulder and neck tensions, poor posture, and slow blood and lymph circulations all put enormous pressure on your central nervous system.

Say goodbye to aches and stress with the ultimate scalp massager with the Full Head Electric Scalp Massager Helmet For Hair Growth!

The design of this machine will give you the best scalp massage that you literally can't get anywhere else, and would have pay expensive costs for a trip to a massage therapist!


FEATURES 8 MASSAGE MODES and adjustable intensity, this electric scalp massager for hair growth provides a comfortable and full head massage with its acupoint accuracy. 

IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY and reduces stress with this hair scalp massager and get the rest that you desire. Low serotonin levels, stress, and pain are typically associated with insomnia and poor sleeping patterns. Our hair scalp massaging brush promotes serotonin release and reduce stress and pain, especially in the head, neck and shoulder areas to better your sleep quality.

INCREASE CIRCULATION with the 3D design of the 76 individual massage nodes stimulates blood circulations, lymph drainage, and oxygenation in the scalp to reduce pain, tightness, and vision blurs caused by migraines

EASE NECK AND SHOULDER TENSIONS with the increased circulation in the scalp also helps ease neck and shoulder tensions. More relaxed neck and shoulder muscles, in turn, reduces headaches and help facilitate better circulation in the brain and scalp

If you’re looking for an electric scalp massaging brush that effectively relieves symptoms such as brain fatigue, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, and headache, look no further! This electric scalp massager will give you the best scalp massage possible! 


  • Material: ABS
  • Working Intensity: 8 Level
  • Working Voltage: 4.5V
  • Vibration Frequency: 0-60HZ
  • Power Supply: 3 * AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Item Size: 27 * 21.5 * 20cm / 10.6 * 8.5 * 7.9inch
  • Package Weight: Approximately 796g
  • Suitable For: Above the age of 12


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