13 PCS Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit for Adults & Kids with Professional Detail Sculpting Tools


Halloween is coming!!

Halloween is not complete unless you have a very scary jack-o'-lantern outside your doors!
We introduce you to our 13 Pcs Selected  Pumpkin Carving Tools Kit for All Ages. This is will be an Indispensable Helper for Your Whole Family to Make the Jack-O-Lanterns for this Halloween.

Make Creative Designs With our Carving Kit

This kit will help you and your children create Ingenious most scary masterpiece pumpkin.

Our pack includes:

  • 6 double-sided stainless steel detail sculpting, cutting, and carving tools
  • 2 sharp heavy duty stainless steel pumpkin scoop tools with scraper;
  • 2 sturdy tooth saws
  • 2 hole and circle punches
  • 1 engraving pen

What are you waiting for? Order now before it is out of stock!!


  • Material: engineering plastic handle + stainless steel cutter head
  • Weight: about 0.9lbs

Package Includes:

  • 13 *Carving tools
  • 1 *Toolkit


Description: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W89TMK1?psc=1

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