Hinge LED Sensor Light Hinge LED Sensor Light for Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Closet Night Lights

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No need to take a flashlight or find stuffs in dark, just need to open the door, you will find the things you want conveniently 

Easy to install and convenient to use, after installing it on your cabinet hinge with battery. when opening the cabinet,lamp will turns on automatically. When closing the cabinet, the light turns off

Energy-saving & won’t damage cabinets:This smart light automatically shuts off when you close your cabinets. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, it doesn’t add weight or damage to your hinges. It’s also powered by an easily replaceable 23A 12-volt battery.

Easy installation:You can install it within minutes on almost any hinges, be it on cabinets, pantries, closets, wardrobes, and more. It’s perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, office, or really anywhere you have deep dark cabinets.

    Our hinge light has 3pcs led beads and it is operated by 12A 23V battery, having properties of high brightness and lower power consumption, it is really a practical and affordable cabinet light

    Can be used in your home cabinet, closet, cupboard or wardrobe with hinge. Note: suitable for hinges like the picture, the screw in the hinge must can be screwed off, the led light base need to be mounted in there
    This product is small in size, will not cause any changes, and can easily illuminate your wardrobe for you.
    Long product life, can be used for a long time.

    Made of high-quality ABS material, environmental-friendly, sturdy and durable to use, Package content: 12 x Light, 12 x Screws, Not included battery (Battery type: 12V 23A)


    Is Batteries Required: Yes
    Usage: Emergency Power
    Source: Dry Battery
    Is Batteries Included: No
    Body Material: ABS Plastic, Color: Gray
    Wattage: 0-5W
    Light Source: LED Bulbs
    Voltage: 12V
    Battery Type: 12V 23A
    Type: Furniture Hinge
    LED Model: 3 LED
    Battery: 12V 23A battery (not included)
    Package contents: light + screw


    Light color: white

    How To Install:
    1. Screwing off the screws of hinge, put the base part on it correctly.
    2. Using screws to screw up the hinge and base part.
    3. Installing the battery in the led light.
    4. Inserting the led light to the base part.
    5. Finishing the whole installation.

    Package content: 12 * Light, 12 * Screws

    Note: The hinge is not included in the package.

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