Hog Ring Pliers Kit with 600 Pcs of Galvanized Steel Hog Rings, Hog Ring Chicken Duck Goose Dog Cat Rabbit Kit Clamp

$29.95 $49.95

Perfect for Auto & Furniture Upholstery, repair or install Pet Cages, Wire Mesh, Bird Cage, Chicken Coops, Fences, Traps, and so much more!


✔︎ Easy to facilitate the folding, anti-slip and easy to hold.

✔︎ Include 1  plier & 600 pcs of hog rings M type nails.

✔︎ Applicable to all kinds of cage assembly, dead angle bundle, solder joint welding repair.

✔︎ Jaws thick and durable.


This Hog Ring Pliers is perfect for auto & furniture upholstery, repair or install pet cages, wire mesh, bird cage, Rabbit cage, poultry cages, chicken coops, quail cages, fences, traps, and so much more!

It have nail groove which can make nail automatic out, allowing you to easily hold the hog ring, with booster spring to prevent hand fatigue. Multifunction clamp have two holes for small holes and ordinary holes.


  • Material: high quality manganese steel + plastic
  • Size: 180mm X 155mm
  • Color: Blue

Package Includes

  • 1 Nail ring plier
  • 600 M nails

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