Portable Safety Baby Child Car Seat Toddler Infant Convertible Booster Chair Car Seat Protector, Car Seat Protectors for Child


This Portable Baby Car Seat Booster will ensure your child is safe when traveling in any vehicle other than yours. 

It will save you lots of time spent on looking for that Taxi or Uber that includes baby car seat!

What materials are the car seats made out of?

- The car seats are made out of very durable mesh cloth and sponge in a way to last 3+ years.

What cars are compatible with this seat?

- The car seats can be installed on any model of cars.

How to install the car seat?

- It's very simple actually, fix the two fixation bands onto the car seat, close the buckle and adjust the waistband and shoulder band according to your child's body shape.

For what ages is the car seat?

- The car seat is for 3-12 years old children. and works very good Try it by yourself


Item Name: Baby Car Seat
Colors: 8 Colors
Fixed Type: 5-point Harness
Product Size: 71*31cm
suitable age: 3-12 years old
suitable weight: below 36kgs

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