Infinity Dodecahedron Light Color Art Light, Creative and Cool Space Led Night Lamp, Space Led Light Adjustable Color Light

$39.90 $49.89

💠Inspired by 2020 quarantine stay-at-home antics.

  • 【12-sided infinite color art lamp】:Using a special 3D process, its 3D effect makes people live in a 3D space, and multiple LEDs outline a complex and perfect spiral space. The colorful painting process makes the space colorful while being light, just like a science fiction space.

  • 【Soft dimmable lighting】: It can adjust various soft and dimmable colors that adults and children alike. Let the children feel safe and surprised at night. The light source power is 5 (W), and the service life is 999 (h)! The charging cable is connected to the power source and can be illuminated for a long time.

  • 【Night lights and cool decorative lights】:This cold moonlight can be used as a night light for adults and children, as well as decorative lights/children’s room lights/party lights/living room decoration lights/creative lights, etc. on special occasions.

  • 【Excellent gift】: The colorful spiral 3D effect gives people unlimited imagination of space or science fiction. It can be used as an excellent gift for children and adults, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for ladies/babies/children/boys/girls.

  • 【SIZE】:Size: 20*20*20cm, with base support, USB power supply mode

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