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Warm days or nights outside should not be wasted because you don’t have the right outdoor blanket. Old outdoor blankets were uncomfortable though and required lots of care.

Where Can I Buy A Picnic Blanket

The Large Waterproof Floral Picnic Blanket is perfect for any relaxing outdoor activity. It’s easy to clean and has a foam cushion layer that will make it feel like you’re not even on the ground! It’s big in size, but not in weight and folds up easily. Choose your color and style now and enjoy the outdoors even more, with the best outdoor blanket out there.

Can You Machine Wash Picnic Blanket


Easy To Clean: With a foam top layer and waterproof underside, the blanket is super easy to clean. No need to panic when drinks get spilled on it, just wipe it off.

Variety Of Colors And Designs: We have a number of colors and designs of blankets to choose from. Match it to your outdoor style!

Big And Light: The blanket is only 1.7lbs in weight and 200cm (80 inches) by 152cm (60 inches) in size. So it’s big in size, but not in weight!

Comfortable Foam Cushion: Relax in comfort with this blanket as it has a comfortable foam cushion layer. You won’t feel like you’re on the ground at all!

How To Make A Roll Up Picnic Blanket


Multipurpose Blanket: The blanket is ideal for most outdoor activities. These include picnic, camping, beach days, yoga or playing with children and pets.

Protection: The blanket is a great way to protect your clothes and yourself when outside. Use it to provide ground cover and comfort wherever you need.

Easy To Transport: When rolled up, use the convenient handle to transport the blanket around. No pesky bags to insert the blanket into!

What Kind Of Blanket For Picnic


  • Material: Single-Sided Fleece With 2mm Sponge Thickness And Aluminum Coating.
  • Color: Blue Striped, Red Striped, Blue Peacock, Black with Stars And Floral.
  • Size: 200cm x 200cm/79" x 79"
  • Weight: 926g
What Makes A Good Picnic Blanket

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