8 Pcs RGB LED Rock Lights for truck With Bluetooth And Remote Control


The wait is over... Lonvine is proud to present to you the NEWEST and BEST  technology LED Rock Lights has to offer. Whether you're Off-Roading with the boys or driving down the streets, Our best LED rock lights for truck offers the brightest, toughest and most durable rock lights on the market.  

  • Our LED rock lights features a pack of 8 rock lights with 8 LEDs in EACH Rock Light with a dedicated PURE WHITE emitter to give you the brightest, smoothest and widest emitting lights on the market!

  • The LED rock lighting kit has been tested in the roughest conditions and are PROVEN to last a LIFETIME
  • Every order comes with Rubber Mounts and Installation Hardware
  • LED rick lights Rock Light Kit can EASILY be installed in the front and back of ANY wheel wells of each tire

  • Bluetooth APP Lighting Effects:

    • Multi Color Strobe Lighting
    • Single Stream Color Mode 13 Million Options
    • Ambient Fade
    • Music Synchronization
    • DIY Color Combination Scenes

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