Mini Portable Air Conditioner AC Unit Cooler with Humidifier Purifier Small Evaporative Swamp Cooler


Product Description

As you flip the calendar pages toward summer and temperature begins to rise, it’s time to think about how you’ll keep hot air from ruining your fun. Our Personal Mini Portable Air Conditioner AC unit evaporative cooler fan with added advantage of Humidifier, Purifier, Degerming features make your day enjoyable and keep your electricity bills to minimum. This small mini portable ac unit cooler give the cold breeze blast you need in hot weather and you need not to spend lot of money on whole house air conditioning and pay a hefty electricity bills.

This Premium Portable Mini cooler designed to operate with low voltage rating and hence can be operated by simple USB power outlet or Car outlet or even any power bank or 2-way mobile power. This low power rating makes it perfect choice for indoor, outdoor, offices, bedrooms, small room, living rooms, cars, camping, garages, and dorms or doing your fun project in backyard. An you know, they don’t require any wall-drilling or hose installation! Although it is not traditional Air Conditioner  but this cooler gives the feeling of AC for small area.

How to select a Model:

  • USB Cable- Comes with USB cable and can be used with any existing USB adapter or USB wall mount.
  • USB Cable+ Wall Adapter - Comes with USB cable and USB wall mount DC to AC adapter in case you don't have. Wall Adapter may be shipped separately, Wall plug image is representative only.

Features in Action!

Mini Cooler’s take the hot & dry air in and with help of fan and multi-layer filter it purifies the air remove the bacteria and add the required moisture for human body. At every stage of this process AC unit keep on decreasing the temperature with help of evaporative technology and keep you refreshed and cool in mid of the extreme high temperature.

You can add icy water for extra low temperature and chilly cool air. Easy-fill Water tank lasts up to 8 hours! Freon free, energy efficient & eco-friendly.

Multi Function Air Cooler ! 

True Portability 

Office Kitchen Camping Bedroom  

Note - Adapter, Laptop, Car charger, Power bank are not part of product this is just for illustration to showcase this AC unit Cooler can be power by all these devices and make it true portable. 

Technical Specification




10W, USB Cable Provided

Tank capacity


Wind speed

3 gears

Night light





16.5cm x 16.5cm x 17cm


24-40 db

8 Hours



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