Carplay Wireless 3.0 Adapter Carlinkit : Mini Wireless Apple Carplay For Iphone

$119.99 $149
  • PACK LIGHT, DRIVE FREE : At less than 24 g,it weighs about as much as an U Disk and fits in the palm of your hand compact and convenient, this small adapter is your ideal travel companion, convenienting your favorite journey.



  • DRIVE LIKE a PRO : Auto connect,From the Cumbersome to the convenient, enjoy your unique moments easily and creatively with intelligent mode.

  • MAIN FUNCTION : Enjoy automatic and wireless connection to CarPlay without need of USB-cable. Check out this easy way to retrofit your existing CarPlay system to make it wireless. Wireless CarPlay makes it easy to play music, get navigation, or use Siri wire-free! Support Voice Control, Siri, GPS Navigation App(real-time navigation), Online Music App, Phone Call, iTunes, Music app, messages.

product information
  • AFTER-Sales Service : Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless Adapter has a one-year global warranty and permanent technical service support. After-sales service: Please actively contact Carlinkit Brand store seller support via Amazon email.

Q:What is the difference between CPC200-U2W Plus and CPC200-U2W mini?

A:They are all suitable for cars with Apple CarPlay installed (this is a very important condition of use)

CPC200-U2W Plus: Black matte process, conventionally equipped with a USB-C interface, and additionally equipped with a USB-A interface for iphone to connect with a data cable, providing wired CarPlay and charging services.

CPC200-U2W mini: compact and mini, easier to hide and place, conventionally equipped with USB-C interface, not equipped with additional USB-A interface.

Q: Does it come with instructions?

As a plug-and-play solution, the Carlinkit 2.0 Mini is very easy to install.

Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi networks on your phone. Make sure your phone is not connected to any other WiFi or Bluetooth networks and remove the hands-free connection from your phone and car system settings.

Plug the adapter into the CarPlay USB port.

Wait for the interface to appear on the screen.

Click the search button.

Select the phone you want to pair the adapter with (or connect via the Bluetooth displayed on the screen).

Select "Pair" on your phone when the notification appears.

Q: How long does it take for the Carlinkit 2.0 Mini unit connect?

It depends on your phone and car, but it usually takes 7-14 seconds.

Q: Do I have to sync the adapter every time I use it?

Nope! After you set it up, your phone will pair with it as soon as you start the car, every time.

Q: Does it use WiFi or Bluetooth? I don't have WiFi in my car?

Our adapter has WiFi and Bluetooth hardware. It connects with Bluetooth and sends the WiFi credentials to the phone, then disconnects from the Bluetooth network. It works solely on WiFi from that point on

Q: Will it work with my iPhone?

Yes, it works every iPhone from the 5 .

Q: If I have two phones, which will it choose?

You can use either phone, but if you have both in the car, it will connect to the last paired phone.

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