New Car Windscreen Glass Repairing



  • ZeroCrack Windshield Repair gets rid of windshield cracks quickly and easily by filling them with premium resin.
  • Easily squeeze resin into cracks to repair broken windows, glass and mirrors in minutes.
  • Order it and try it out before you choose to go into a glass repair store.


Done in Less than 20 Minutes

  • No heat required! Reinforced injection sealant dispensing tip eliminates the need to mix ingredients.
  • Fills cracked glass with resin to restore visibiliy.

Simplest Application

  • Simply apply the agent, no additional tools required.
  • Restores windshields from a cracked, fractured appearance to their original condition in just minutes.

Repairs a Variety of Chips and Cracks

  • This powerful resin filler effectively repairs different types of chips and cracks such as bugs, cobwebs, bullseyes, half-moons, star breaks, etc.

Advanced Resin Formulation

  • The advanced resin formulation eliminates the appearance of cracks and fissures and stops their spread.
  • Ideal for multiple repairs. Works on phones and mirrors to!

How to Use

  • Clean and dry the windshield surface, then squeeze the resin into the cracks.
  • Apply the curing film, then allow it to dry and cure for 5-10 minutes.
  • Finish by scraping off any residue with the razor blade provided.

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