Portable solar panels for camping backpacking - Solar Phone charger


Keep your electronics charging while Backpacking

Even if you use your camping and backpacking trips as a chance to disconnect from email, news, and social media updates, chances are good you still use an electronic device to track your mileage, navigate your route, or set waypoints along the way.


Every time you add a useful tracking or communication app to your smartphone or watch, it becomes even more important to keep your device charged on the go.

If you are away from home for multiple days at a time — or even for a single day with heavy usage — you will need a portable charger or backup battery of some kind. 

For off-grid or backcountry hiking and backpacking, a solar charger is one of the best accessories you can carry with you because it allows you to use nothing more than the power of the sun to recharge your phone, watch, tablet, GPS, and more. Solar chargers are also a great addition to an emergency preparedness bag.


Solar charger for Smartphones....etc...

Size: 153x75x25mm, expand 520mm.

Color: black

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

Charger: solar panel 4 folding is 8W, 5 folding 10W.

Input voltage: 5V/2A.

Output current: 5V/2A.

Package: charger, hook, compass, box.

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