Walking Cane for Men and Women Adjustable Walking Stick 4 Prong Anti-slip Quad Cane for Seniors with Fm Radio



  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FROM 33 TO 38 INCHES: Hate having to hunch or strain to match the height of your walking cane? Make it work for YOU! Adjust the cane to the most comfortable fit with the simple push of a button. At its shortest, it’s 2.7 feet and just over 3 feet at its tallest. Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, you’ll ALWAYS find the right height.
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHT & S.O.S ALARM: Illuminate dark walks with an ultra bright LED light that helps you avoid every crack and pebble and enjoy fearless nights out with an additional flashing red light that makes your presence known. Plus, the audible S.O.S. alarm alerts others of urgent situations like slips or falls. Step out of your comfort zone and into the wonderful world!
  • FM RADIO BROADCASTS YOUR FAVORITE STATIONS: Play nostalgic tunes while you stroll through the park or sit and reminisce to a classic soundtrack with the built-in FM radio! You can even set the station to your favorite sportscast so you don’t miss a SECOND of the gripping play-by-play when you’re out running errands. A truly modern cane for a more modern you!
  • 4-POINT ANTI-SLIP RUBBER BASE: Ready to regain your stride and walk with pride? Tackle any terrain from grass to sand or even snow with a 4 prong cane base and anti-slip backing that keeps every step secure. Effortlessly maneuver tough landscapes like beaches, slippery snow-covered sidewalks or grassy hills with FULL confidence. You can even walk the stairs, too!
  • BUILT-IN USB MAKES CHARGING EASY: When the LED light starts to fade or the radio gets a little too quiet, reach for the USB charger! No need for wasteful disposable batteries that drain your wallet. Simply plug the cane into the charger and you’re all set. The cord plugs into any USB outlet, so you can charge it in airports, cafes, or anywhere with compatibility!



Tackle Any Terrain, Any Time with a Light-Up Walking Cane for Men and Women

You’ll never want to go back to a traditional cane once you’ve tried the Walk Buddy! Complete with all the bells and whistles and weighing only 1.35 pounds, it’s light as a feather and easy to take anywhere!

Navigate dark, hazardous paths with an ultra-bright LED light and alert motorists of your presence with the flashing red security light! Winded from a longer-than-normal walk and need immediate attention? Activate the S.O.S alarm that audibly alerts others of your situation!

And who needs a radio when you can rock and roll while you stroll, with the built-in FM radio! Listen to classic favorites on a wide range of FM stations or put on a sportscast channel so you don’t miss a single second of gripping, play-by-play action!

Awkwardly bending to use other canes? Your Walk Buddy is completely adjustable for the most comfortable fit for YOU! Extending from 2.3 feet to just over three feet, there’s a perfect match whatever your height may be– and finding it is as easy pushing a button!

Don’t worry about uneven turf, either. Maneuver ANY terrain with a four-point base that keeps you upright and on the move! With a firm grip handle, you’ll have COMPLETE control over the cane to travel over grass, sand, and snow with ease!

When your LED light is looking a little dim and the radio’s playing a bit too low, simply plug the cane into a USB for a quick charge. No batteries required!

Q: “How much weight can the quad cane support?”
A: It can hold up to 100 Kg.

Walk Buddy Walking Canes are perfect for:

✓ Elderly patients
✓ Arthritis sufferers
✓ Post-injury recovery
✓ Grandparent and parent gifts
...and more!



Specifications :

Batteries : 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)


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