Upgrated Pull Up Assistance Resistance Bands Handles, Unique Steel Stretch Elastic Exercises Band Attachment Handles


These metal elastic exercise bands rubber made using resistance bands so much easier for certain exercises, such as rows, shoulder squeezes for traps, or dead lifts.

These handles can be used with pull up bands and won’t hurt your hands by pulling up bands Protect your palm.

Great for heavy resistance bands. These handles work great to get a better grip on elastic exercise bands.

The heavy duty handles turn your bands into dumbbells and barbells without hurting your joints. The door attachment allows for easy suspension training.

The handles are easy to use, have a textured rubber handle and a curved hook for band placement. 

You can attach different size bands (even the widest bands fit!) without a Carabiner! You can combine many different bands (they all fit!) for even more difficulty.

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