Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit, Rechargeable callous removers 3 Grinding Heads Portable Waterproof foot file


 Keep your feet soft and beautiful with our best Rechargeable Electric Foot File Callus Remover SHOPLAZI™.


Calluses are hard, painful areas of skin that often develop on the feet in response to pressure or friction. They happen when the skin tries to protect an underlying area from injury, pressure or rubbing. Neither is dangerous, but they can cause irritation. This is why the foot file plays a big role in pedicure.

Other foot files leave behind huge messes. But electric callus file is the only motorized callus remover with unique derma-vac technology that sucks up those dead skin shavings WHILE you use it.



  • This product is designed for dry and rough hand, foot or heel skin and should not be used in other parts of the body.
  • There comes with 3 different roller heads:
  1. Fine roller Head - Suitable for the callus of hands cocked dead skin and more delicate skin care;
  2. Regular Roller Head - Suitable for the newly formed callus and normal skin care;
  3. Coarse Roller Head - Suitable for stubborn thick callus and dead skin.
  • Gently turn the roller head to stay in the dry and rough skin area for 2-3 seconds. Gently slide the roller head over the skin and do not press too hard, or the product will stop working.
  • Before use, clean and soften the skin, then dry the skin to ensure the best results. DO NOT use this product if there is a wound or bleeding on your skin.


Material: ABS

Color: white

Size: 16.5*6.5*3.5CM

Weight: 300g

Packing list:

1* Host

1* Charging Cord

1* Cleaning Brush

3* Roller Heads

1* User Manual

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