Herb Cutter Scissors 5 Blade Scissors Kitchen Multipurpose Cutting Shear with 5 Stainless Steel Blades & Safety Cover


This specialty gadget is not your regular kitchen scissors, it is SHEER BRILLIANCE!  with double 4 finger handle opening makes it easy for left or right handed person.

Cut herbs, greens and veggies in absolutely no time at all with Sheer Brilliance, as you do not need a cutting board t cut/chop , which means no hassle of washing or cleaning it either. Divide Prep Time With Multiple Sheers.. Snip and Chop Green Chillies, Parsley, Cilantro , Green Chives, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint Leaves, Spinach, Lettuce and much much more.. It also includes and blade cleaning tool so you can use every little sprig of herbs you snipped and chopped to garnish your dishes with delicious taste and aroma of herbs..

No brainer, Sheer Brilliance..!


  • Made from 100% Stainless Still and BPA FREE Plastic.
  • Double 4 finger handle makes it easy for Left or Right handed user.
  • 5 blades do all the snipping and chopping in 1/5th of the time.
  • Included blade cleaner comes in handy to clean blades so you can use every little sprig of herbs.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Saves space as fits in kitchen drawer.
  • It comes in brilliant colors like Sheer Red, Brilliant Blue and Herb Green.

Weight (lbs.):0.3

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