Smart Eye Massager Eye Massager with Heat, Vibration and Air Pressure Massage


 Immerse yourself in a state of absolute relaxation

Effective from the 1st session.

The Magnet Relax mask is an innovative eye massager that provides 100% natural care against everyday ailments. It features 6 smart modes to meet the needs of the whole family .Ergonomic and compact, Magnet Relax will follow you everywhere!

The physiological benefits:

Helps relieve migraines and dizziness 
Removes eye strain after a long day in front of the screens 
Accelerates eye circulation to combat dry eyes and make it easier to wear contact lenses 
Prevents and alleviates facial neuralgia 
Protects against chronic and muscular tensions 
Provides a total relaxation effect to remove stress 

The benefits on the skin and around the eyes:

✔ Eliminates bags and dark circles under the eyes

✔ Improves skin tone and elasticity

Stimulates the production of collagen

Prevents and reduces wrinkles around the eyes

The benefits on sleep:

Effectively fights chronic insomnia problems

 Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

 Improves the quality of sleep

A new relaxation experience

Magnet-Relax invites relaxation and well-being. Its high frequency magnetic composition is specially designed to relieve migraines. No more eye fatigue thanks to magneto-therapy! By stimulating the tissues of your face, oxygen will be better absorbed and your blood circulation fluidized, which provides a very relaxing effect while relieving stress. From relaxation to letting go, let yourself be carried away for a moment of calm away from the hassle of everyday life.

A natural and effective anti-aging solution

A perfect combination of heat and compression allows Magnet-Relax to tone the skin and give you a luminous look. Its innovative thermal function stimulates collagen and fluidifies the circulation of blood around the eye, which eliminates puffiness, reduces dark circles and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A very effective anti-aging strategy for the happiness of your eyes.

Improved quality of sleep

By associating 20 vibration detectors, Magnet-Relax combines energetic harmony and deserved rest. These functions directly target the various acupuncture points around the eyes to ensure a lasting feeling of well-being. This will quickly plunge you into a deep sleep while improving the quality and duration of it. Magnet-Relax is the ideal accessory to prevent chronic insomnia.

The different functions of the mask


Intelligent vibration massage function

It produces a rhythmic and uniform vibrating frequency that helps promote micro-circulation. It provides a total relaxation effect by using a different frequency for each targeted area. Stimulation of certain areas will help release hormones responsible for happiness and well-being.

Advanced air pressure massage function

It allows a full pressure massage on the acupuncture points of the eyes. It relaxes the muscles and nerves around the eyes to reduce pain and fatigue.


Innovative thermal function

It will penetrate the epidermis to stimulate blood circulation and increase collagen. It allows to obtain a rejuvenated skin and a luminous look. It is also used at low frequency in sleep mode to make it easier to fall asleep.

Bluetooth music function 

You can use the soothing music built into the mask or choose your own music with a Bluetooth enabled device. It is also possible to completely mute the music.


The eye mask is the only mask on the market to combine 5 innovative functions at the same time : the multi-frequency vibration massage function, the air pressure massage function, the thermal function, the Bluetooth music function and the 'voice assistance in English ; unlike the masks offered by the competition, whose functionalities are very limited.

The available modes of use

Automatic mode, it includes all the features of the Magnet-Relax ™ mask in one mode.

Vitality mode, it combines multi-frequency vibration massage and air pressure massage, ideal for massaging the temples and around the eyes.

The simple mode, it combines air pressure massage and thermal function. The perfect combo to immerse yourself in a state of total relaxation. It also helps invigorate the epidermis to stimulate blood circulation and collagen. 
Beauty mode, it uses a special frequency of air pressure massage to stimulate the skin deeply.
Sleep mode, it has been specially designed to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and increase the quality of sleep.
Child mode, it uses all the features of the Magnet-Relax ™ mask at a minimum frequency for safe use.

The Magnet-Relax ™ mask is equipped with a voice assistance in English to facilitate the change between the different modes. You can therefore easily change mode without having to remove the headset.

The advantages of the mask

Completely innovative massage device that uses advanced cutting edge technology.
Provides 100% natural care, does not use any product harmful to health.
Its long-lasting rechargeable battery of 1800 Mah, makes the mask ideal to take everywhere and to use for long hours.
Perfect adaptation to all body types, thanks to its ergonomic design foldable at 180 °, it can adapt perfectly to all face shapes.
Take it everywhere with you, when folded it can easily be carried in a handbag.
Easy to use thanks to its voice assistance, you have difficulty changing mode? No problem, voice assistance will guide you between the different modes.
Web exclusive, product not found in store.
  Delivered with all its accessories, you will receive your Magnet-Relax ™ eye mask with a USB cable and a user manual.

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