Smart Interactive Cat Toy - Newest Version 360° Self Rotating Ball, USB Rechargeable Pet Toy, Build-in Spinning Led Light

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Pets need constant stimulation, or else we risk being victims of their destructive side from their boredom. In between walks and petting them, what else can we do to keep them occupied though?

Pet Smart Jolly Ball

This remote-controllable Smart Pet Bounce Ball is perfect for filling up time when your pet wants to play! After charging it up, the ball can roll around under your control (or automatically) and it lights up too. Your pet will love rolling around the floor chasing and playing with it.

Pet Smart Soft Ball For Dog


LED Light: Your pets will be attracted to the bounce ball’s LED light. Cats especially will love to chase it around the room.

USB Charging: No batteries to weigh this toy down. After each use, simply charge it via the included USB cable for your pet’s next playtime!

Self-Rotating Ball: You don’t need to pick the ball up and throw it. The ball does the moving for you! Watch your pets have fun chasing it!

BPA Free Plastic: The bounce ball is made with BPA Free plastic. So if you pet chews it or puts their mouth on it, no need to worry about any toxins.

Smart Ball For Pets


Keeps Pets Occupied: A bored pet is a destructive pet. Keep their destructive side out of your home by letting them have constant fun!

Keeps Pet Active: The bounce ball is a great way for your pet to stay active. An active pet is a healthy one too!

Great For In-Between Time: Let your pet play with the ball when you can’t interact with them. It’s a great way for them burn off energy while you do what you need to do.

Smart Pet Ball

How To Use:

  1. Open the ball.
  2. Plug in USB Charging Cable.
  3. When red light is on, the bounce ball is fully charged.
  4. Close the ball.
  5. Press the ‘on’ button and let your pet play!
Smart Pet Balls

    What Does The Package Include?

    • 1 x Smart Remote Controlled Pet Bounce Ball
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    Ball For Small Dogs Pet Smart

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