Solar Charging Bluetooth Speaker Portable Column Wireless Stereo Music Box Loudspeaker Outdoor Waterproof

$44.99 $71.99

This solar powered bluetooth speaker combines ultra chic & lightweight carbon fiber exterior with a high-performance mono-crystalline solar panel, which absorbs solar energy rapidly. Every 10 minutes of charging in the sun equals half an hour of music play time.

Note:  Speaker can also be charged through a wall outlet if there is no sun available.

 Superior battery life:

Music playtime up to 60 hours. Speaker also acts as a power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices, so you can truly be wireless and on the go!

 Bluetooth Technology:

Compatible with all Bluetooth devices including tablets, smart phones and laptop computers. Compatible with non-Bluetooth devices equipped with 3.5 mm audio line (MP3, MP4).

 Excellent Sound Quality :

High power, dual 40 MM loudspeakers. Built-in powerful sub woofer for rich bass sound. Amazing sound even at the highest volume. Total harmonic distortion of less than 1%.

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