Space Saving Bicycle Rack Bike Clip, Bicycle Parking Buckle, Road/Mountain Bicycle Rack, Indoor Outdoor Stand Display Tool



  • Save Most Parking Space Possible
    Break the limits to park a bike anywhere! Store bike near the wall with almost invisible clug
  • World’s Smallest Bike Storage Tool
    With Space-Saving Bicycle Rack, store vehicle easily no matter how cramped the space is!
  • Easy to Use
    Just push & pull bike for parking! Hold firmly & smoothly near the wall.
  • Accurate & Firm Fit
    U shape roller holds your road or mountain bike tire steadily
  • Organise Neatly
    Hang keychain or helmet with corner design


  1. Remove roller from Space-Saving Bicycle Rack.
  2. Disassemble internal parts.
  3. Punch the wall.
  4. Install bicycle rack.
  5. When mount vertically, rest the rear tire on the ground.


  • Compatibility: Road / Mountain Bike
  • Color: Orange / Green / Blue / Black

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