Stainout All-in-1 Bubble Cleaner for Car, Bubble Cleaner All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray



  • Clean any surface - Suitable for any material, including fabric, canvas, leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal, wood, glue coat, fiberglass, etc.
  • Anti-ultraviolet protective coating - Prevent harmful UV discoloration, discoloration and cracking.
  • Non-flushing formula - Water-based detergents only need water to convert detergents into foams.There is no need to rinse after cleaning.
  • 100% non-toxic and non-greasy - In addition to the attached dirt, leaving a non-greasy, dry, matte makeup effect that lasts for about 3 months.100% free of silicone oil and petroleum fractions that produce grease.
  • Keep the car fresh - The fresh lavender aroma of the garden keeps the car fresh and removes the smell.Safe on all internal surfaces, including steering wheel, stereo, dashboard, door panel, center console, etc.

Product description

Getting the right tool for cleaning dirts and stains for your car. Now you can keep it simple with our StainOut All-in-1 Bubble Cleaner.

No rinsing needed! It completely wipes out all signs of fading, aging, and cracking bringing your car's look back to "Brand New Feel” again.

Newly formulated cleaner is safe to use on any material such as fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl , plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass etc.

It removes stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stain while leaving a non-greasy, matte finish. Contains superior UV protection that prevents fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays that lasts for 3 months.


Directly spray the interior cleaner on the desired area.

Use towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed.

No rinsing is required. Just wipe away foam with a towel after cleaning.



  • Net Content: 200ml


  • 1 x StainOut All-in-1 Bubble Cleaner

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