SL2400 High-Power LED Rechargeable Flashlight Rechargeable Led Flashlight High Lumens


SL2400 High-Power LED Rechargeable Flashlight / Spotlight / Searchlight

If your “emergency flashlight” is still some dinky rubber toy that you’ve been keeping in your junk drawer for a decade, you’re well past time for an upgrade. Whether it’s for emergency backup or as your main torch, this 2400 lumen beast of a spotlight will make even the darkest areas feel like it’s daytime.

With included rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to worry about going out and buying new ones.

And with the included powerful blue LED light, you can see where you’re going without desensitizing your eyes to the darkness.

Blazing Light

Each of the 3 onboard LED lights packs a whopping 800 lumens of illumination power. If you choose to use all three together, you’re packing 2400 lumens of ultra-bright spotlight capability. That’s approaching first responder and military grade technology.

Ideal For Any Situation

This durable searchlight is just as much at home in your hunting, fishing, or hiking gear stash as it is in your dresser drawer. Whether you need a reliable emergency flashlight around the house or a trusted piece of tech in the backcountry, the SL2400 is ready for action.

Features :

  • 5 modes of operation (low to high, blue)
  • Rechargeable (batteries included)
  • 2400 total lumens of power
  • Ideal for any situation

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