Suspension Trainer System: Lightweight & Portable| Full Body Workouts, All Levels & All Goals| Includes Get Started Poster



You have a goal?

The TRX Home System will help you to reach it.

Created for those who wish to develop their muscles or improve their performance.

Have you ever seen the physique of gymnasts? They are more curvaceous than 95% of your current gym members. Because Full Body programs in dynamic sheathing are not for the fragile.

TRX straps allow you to perform over 100 exercises at home or outdoors, and work your muscles in a truly effective way.

We provide you with a program adapted to your objectives: dry, develop muscle, or improve your athletic performance.

Now, no more excuses. 

+100 exercises in a 400g bag

✔ The TRX system has been designed to allow you to practice effective, simple and fun weight training sessions wherever you are. Indoors and outdoors.

✔ Easy to install, we provide you with all the necessary accessories to start your session in less than a minute.

✔ Created with sturdy materials and a top-of-the-range finish, you can trust this equipment to give you the maximum

Recommended by professionals

Many athletes use an TRX system for training. This training method is not only more effective for athletic performance, but also offers less risk of injury.

It is also recommended by physiotherapists during the rehabilitation phase.

Finally, its robust and high-quality materials will allow you to perform squats or any other exercise in complete safety.



For every purchase of an TRX Home system, we provide you with an exercise guide, to be followed simply according to your objectives.

✔ Lose fat.

✔ Develop muscle.

✔ Improve your cardio.

Biceps. Triceps. Pectorals. Back. Thighs. Buttocks.
It's all there.

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