Dog Cooling Mat Large Cooling Pad Machine Washable Summer Cooling Mat for Dogs Cats Kennel Pad Breathable Pet Self Cooling

$19.95 $29.95

Our dog cooling mats serve multiple purposes - they can be used as a mat, inner lining for your dogs bed or even placed on the sofa too help cool your dog. Perfect for those summer afternoons, these cooling mats are breathable and absorb your pets sweat. These cooling mats are extremely lightweight and can also be taken on your travels. They are super easy and offer efficient and affective usage, with a rechargeable gel formula and a pressure activated operation. This mat is a must have for every dog in every home. 

These lightweight cooling mats are what all dogs require when they get hot, from 5 star reviews to a happy pup. You really can't go wrong with cooling and comfort in one. Once your dog lays on the cooling pad, it's activated offering immediate relief for your dog. Perfect for dogs with medical conditions or senior dogs.

Key Features:

  • Cooling Material - Uses anti-chemical polymer so it's user and pet friendly. Extremely light, comfortable and breathable.
  • Automatic - It's self controlled and works without water. The gel formula automatically recharges within 30-60 mins of non-use.
  • Pressure Activated - The mat will only start to cool when it senses pressure externally being applied.

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