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Turn Your Water Into Vitality Elixir 💧 

"The average cost of a decent water ionizer is over $2000-3000. Typical ionizer is stationary and requires manual installation that usually costs around $300!! we were able to engineer a portable alkaline water and to drive the price down to only 159.95,  to make healthy alkaline water accessible to everybody."

Now you can make hydrogen-rich, healthier water anywhere you are over and over again with your very own rechargeable, reusable, smart hydrogen generator pitcher.


Take a small step towards new, healthier you and your body will say "Thank you!". Alkaline water has a massive number of benefits confirmed by many scientific studies:

✅ Cure diseases: ionized water helps treat many known diseases like common cold, high blood pressure, digestive problems, allergies, mental exhaustion, etc.

 Live longer: ionized alkaline water reduces the acidity of your blood, therefore your cells live longer and you live longer

 Feel better: conditions such as anxiety and depression go away

 Cleans your body: ionized water kills bacteria and banishes parasites from your body

 Control your weight: no results in the gym? Your body might be congested with toxins. Alkaline water helps your body to get to its normal weight and flush away toxins.

✅ Helps to stay happy, gives mental clarity and eradicates anxiety.

 Drink tasty water: crispy water enriched with negative ions tastes better than tap water.

 Eco-friendly: KANGEN WATER is BPA and lead-free. 400 ml (13 oz) capacity.

 Portable: drink healthy water everywhere! Unlike stationary ionizers.

 Stay hydrated: while watching Netflix, at work or on the run

 Drink clean, healthy water: stop poisoning yourself with tap water (did you know how much negative energy the water soaks in while traveling through water pipes?). WATERAID™ KANGEN WATER changes the structure of the water, purifies it, neutralizes bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, acidic toxins, enriches water with hydrogen, and raises its PH to a healthy level.

Cup body material: high borosilicate glass

Operating temperature: 0~40 degrees Celsius

Capacity: 2000ML

Hydrogen concentration: 0.8~1.2PPM

Hydrogen production capacity: 800~1200PPB

PH value: about 7

Electric Rich Water Kettle Water Ionizer Machine filter Drink Hydrogen Generator Water Filters
 Electric Rich Water Kettle W7ater Ionizer Machine filter Drink Hydrogen Generator Water Filters

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