Waterproof Pool Sunshade | Block-out Sun Shelter Outdoor Patio Protection

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Enjoying long and warm summer days outdoors is something we look forward to for much of the year. But the sun’s UV rays are damaging to us and we need protection from them. The same goes when it rains!

How To Install A Shade Sail On A Deck

Don’t be afraid of UV rays or rain any longer and start enjoying your pool, patio or garden even more with the Waterproof Pool Sunshade. It’s a great addition to protect you and your guests from the sun or rain, while still enjoying being outside. It’s a great waterproof block out shelter for any outdoor area.

How To Install A Shade Sail To House


Sturdy Metal Loops: Putting up this sunshade is easy and safe with the sturdy metal loops on each corner. These make for quick installation and taking down when the season is coming to an end.

Three Defense Fabric: The fabric used in the construction of the sunshade repels UV rays, heat and water. You and your guests will be protected no matter what the weather throws at you.

Long-Term Durability: The sunshade was designed with material that makes it stand up to the elements for up to 3 years of continuous usage. That’s great and reliable quality.

Are Shade Sails Waterproof


UV Protection: No matter how much we enjoy the sun and apply sunscreen lotion, nothing offers better protection than physical cover. Get that with this sunshade.

Rain Protection: Keep enjoying eating, drinking, and swimming, whatever you want to do even in the rain. The sunshade provides waterproof protection.

Easy Storage: At the end of the season, the sunshade can be stored away. It’s easy to take down and store and not a strenuous process.

What Size Shade Sail Do I Need


  • Material: Polyester Cloth
  • Features: Shading, Anti-UV And Waterproof
  • Anti-UV Rate: 98%
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Colors: Gray/Beige/Blue/Orange
  • Weight: ~ 0.7 -1.6kg
  • Rectangle Shade Sail Dimensions: 3 x 2m
Do Shade Sails Block Rain

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