Wipe Warmer - Best Portable Baby Wipes Dispenser & Holder

Cold wipes shock a baby’s sensitive skin, making your baby irritable and fussy. Warm wipes soothe and calm your baby, especially during late night changes!
It can be used for all seasons. The wipe warmer precisely keep wet wipes warm to fit every baby's preferences and to avoid overheating or too cold.
Not only does the diaper wipe warmer keep the temperature at an optimal rate, but it also prevents internal bacteria growth.
Equipped with a smart temperature sensor, the diaper warmer maintains a warm temperature between 110° F to 130° F (45°C to 55°C).
Due to the small and lightweight design, this baby wipe warmer is extremely easy to carry and portable. Take it anywhere you go and ensure that your child receives the warmth he or she deserves.
This baby wipe warmer keeps the top 4 to 5 wipes warm at all times and has the capacity to hold up to 80 wet wipes at a time. Extremely convenient and easy to use.
  • Easy to operate, convenient and fast.
  • One-button temperature adjustment.
  • LED real-time display, suitable for every season.
  • Low power, constant temperature and power saving.
  • The bottom non-slip mat is placed smoothly.

Size : 25.6 x 16 x 11cm / 10.08 x 6.30 x 4.33in.


1/ Open the lid of the heater.

2/ Fix the wipes that torn off the plastic sealing with the heating cover’s elastic straps.3/Close the lid and plug in the power supply to adjust the temperature

4/ After reaching the set temperature, press the pickup button and the cover will automatically pop up for immediate use.

Package includes: 1 x Wet wipes heating box.

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