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sunflower wind spinner

Our cheerful Sunflower Wind Spinner adds an extra dose of charm to your yard.

Petals on dual rotors spin in opposite directions around the stationary “seed” center. The stem stake sports two realistic leaves, complete with veining and color variations.

This spinner adds bright color and a ray of sunshine in any season. Place it in a flower bed, out in the yard, along a walkway or next to your porch steps. It creates a warm greeting to all who see it.

This spinner has texture, movement and color that works in any outdoor space. Metal construction with a sectioned pole and sturdy ground stake. Easy assembly.

sunflower spinner
  • Bright, cheerful yellow sunflower spinner adds color to your landscape
  • Dual rotors with petals spin in opposite directions for a dynamic display
  • Layered petals spin around the sunflower's center
  • Unique yard and landscape accent any time of year
  • Sturdy three-pronged stake simply pushes into the ground

24" dia. x 6½"D x 75"H
Weighs 6 lbs.

Care and Maintenance
Outdoor exposure to the elements will eventually cause fading, discoloration, and rust. To protect the look and longevity of painted metal pieces, we suggest applying a UV-resistant, rust-inhibiting protective finish.

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